DSP Chair Thakur entrusted to make decision on MCC

Ganehs Paudel,

KATHMANDU: Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) Chairman Mahantha Thakur has been entrusted with the authority to make a decision on the US grant Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).


A meeting of the DSP Parliamentary Party (PP) held at the party’s Babar Mahal office decided to give the decision-making power to Chairman Thakur, said JSP leader Laxman Lal Karna. “Chair Thakur’s decision would be unanimously accepted by the party,” he said.

Similarly, the PP meeting also decided to issue a whip to all DSP lawmakers to attend the House of Representatives (HoR) meeting on Thursday.

The government tabled the MCC in parliament on Sunday and since then, the HoR is meeting on Thursday. MCC is a listed agenda for Thursday’s HoR schedule, as published by the parliament Secretariat.

The DSP, which has 13 seats in parliament, is in favor of the MCC, however, it has yet to make its official stance public.

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